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Raymond Esposito is a professional writer, loss prevention consultant, and content marketing expert with over twenty-eight years of experience. He is also an award-winning dark fiction author and Amazon bestseller. His articles and interviews have appeared in a variety of publications including Family Circle, Security Solutions, and Sanitarium Magazine. He holds a degree in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Connecticut.

Hey! Welcome to my site. Okay, so I have a few different “brands” going on and honestly, it became complicated managing a different site for each. 


Why have people search the digital world to find the particular Raymond Esposito they are looking for? 


I decided whether it’s loss prevention consulting, content marketing and copywriting, my dark fiction, or my podcasts and blogs, it made sense to put it all in a single place. I am my brand after all.


So, just click the button of interest below and again thanks for visiting.

Raymond A. Esposito  R  Author | Blogger | Podcaster


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