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Content Marketing & Copywriting

It's not just words . . . it's your story

Want More Sales? Tell A Great Story

Today's consumer suffers from content fatigue. They are bombarded every day by businesses that want them to buy, like, read, watch, or follow. They have an inbox full of sellers' hopes and dreams. More boring content is a consumer's nightmare. Consumers want something interesting. Something that provides value. Something that entices them to learn more.

That's what I do as a copywriter and content marketer. I create interest and enticement by telling your client a great story. Headlines that get their attention, opening lines that hook them, and paragraphs that keep them reading. Whether it is an email, social media post, web or landing page, I create stories . . . your stories . . . that turn readers into visitors, and visitors into buyers. 


Web Content

Your website shows buyers how and why your product will enrich their lives.


Don't lose a prospect's interest.


We'll create a clear, concise, and engaging story that keeps visitors exploring and buying.




Email marketing is still the most effective advertising method if done right.


Don't wind up in the trash bin.


We'll write an email that gets opened and converts readers to visitors.

Landing Pages

The Landing Page is a critical element that converts visitors to buyers.


Don't send potential customers to your homepage.


We'll craft a message that explains and entices, and a call to action that gets results.


 Writing Services

Harness the effectiveness of well-written content.

  • Articles

  • White papers

  • Native ads

  • Blogs

  • Product descriptions

  • Amazon page content 

  • Ad Copy

  • Press Releases




The right marketing strategy saves you time, money and means better sales.


Don't waste time or money on marketing that won't work.


Our Marketing Blueprint provides a specific and custom step-by-step strategy for your business. 


Information is critical to success.


Don't waste time with marketing "myths."


What if your marketing partner really cared?

  • What if there was a marketing company who said they focused on small businesses, e-sellers, and startups and really meant it?

  • What if by “meant it” they showed as much passion for your success as you do?

  • What if by “meant it” they didn’t propose programs that cost more than your annual revenue?

  • What if that same marketing company was willing to be honest about expectation and results, even at the cost of a sale?

  • What if that marketing company was willing to take small steps with you?

  • What if they didn’t treat your dreams as less important because of the size of your checkbook?

Those are the questions I asked, and the answers became my vision for Ravens Pointe. A professional content marketing company with a real plan to help small businesses rise above the noise and sell more.

A simple, straight-forward approach

It’s not a question of providing services. All us marketing folks offer pretty much the same stuff. But, unfortunately, most marketing agencies throw programs at you before you’ve finished telling them about your goals, your expectations, or even your current position in the market.

We take the time to listen. We take the time to understand your ideal client or we can help you define your ideal customer and then . . . we make suggestions on services. It’s sort of a crazy philosophy, but we think it’s kind of important that you purchase services that get results and results that you’ll love.


Ravenspointe went above and beyond…

I am so impressed with Ravens Pointe!

Beyond Expectations!

I love the work!

Excellent and professional work

Outstanding Experience!

Wording was excellent


Raymond Esposito is a professional writer, copywriter, and content marketing expert with over twenty-five years of experience. He is also an award-winning dark fiction author and Amazon bestseller. His articles and interviews have appeared in a variety of publications including Family Circle, Security Solutions, and Sanitarium Magazine. He holds a degree in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Connecticut.


Raymond A. Esposito  R  Author | Blogger | Podcaster


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