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Free Website Evaluation

Information You Can Use

Your Free, No Obligation, No B.S. Evaluation

You've probably downloaded a dozen "free" guides that are light on useful information and heavy on upselling you the real information. You've probably had some "free" consultations that turn out to be a hard-sell or the provider haunts you with constant phone calls and emails.

Yeah. Me too. Which is why I have a "dump" email that I use for anything that is "free."

That's not what my free evaluation is about. You'll get a real and useful analysis of your current website. The evaluation includes grading, notes, and recommendations of:


  • Customer Centric Messaging

  • Content, Length, Quality, and Optimization

  • Ease of Navigation

  • Use of Keywords

  • Mobile and Desktop Presentation

You'll receive your written report in about 2 to 3 days (because it's individualized, it takes a little time).

And I won't sell your email, add you to a newsletter (unless you ask), or be a plague to your email account. 

Hate online forms? Then simply email me the above information at:

Thanks! Message sent.

Raymond A. Esposito  R  Author | Blogger | Podcaster


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